Sisterhood Spotlight:

When it comes to finding support for leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s hard to find a reliable source that isn’t pushing their own agenda or selling their own brand of get-fit-quick propaganda. While information is accessible everywhere from Google to Pinterest, I’ve come to know and love one particular fitness blog that seems to satisfy all areas of a healthy me – mind, body and soul. is a blog that covers all areas of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not focused on being skinny, losing weight, pills, quick fixes or fads. strictly focuses on over all health be it mental, physical or spiritual. home page, May 23, 2014 home page, May 23, 2014

This specific blog is suited for anyone who is looking to live and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Every post is vetted to make sure the facts are based on a legitimate scientific study, that they are fun and easy to read, and that the information you are receiving is real. If you are interested in yoga, crossfit, running, healthy recipes, tips on how to manage stress, depression, a bad stroke of luck, tools to train your brain and help you ace that test, or even a daily workout, is the site for you.

Personally, I opted in for the daily email – it’s a daily digest of posts containing an array  of topics and I find it a great reminder to get up and do something physically active, everyday (yes, even though today’s daily email was about drinking…).

The daily email - May 23, 2014

The daily email – May 23, 2014

I recommend to anyone looking for tips, tricks and support on their journey of improving their overall health – you won’t be disappointed!

Happy, happy Friday from the Sisterhood!


I have a ‘thing’

You get one shot. One chance in this life to reach your goals, achieve your dreams, to overcome obstacles, and to better yourself – mind, body and spirit. 

I am nothing special, out of the ordinary or exceptional by any means. I am a normal (well…fairly normal), girl-next-door type of woman. I do not have an expansive bank account, or talents that set me a part from the crowd.  I do not foresee my story being one of fame (outside of my inner circle of course) or fortune (although, according to Julia I am a future millionairess).

I do however have a ‘thing’.

My ‘thing’ makes me happy, helps me sleep better, aids in clearing my head (sometimes it just won’t shut up!), gives me the energy to help Julia with my INSANELY energetic nieces and equally as curious nephew and care for my own family, grants me patience when stressed and the determination to reach my goals, has improved my confidence, helps me keep up with my two large dogs that require a ton of exercise… and it certainly hasn’t hurt in the bedroom. 😉

My ‘thing’ is working out, in any capacity. Whether it is hiking, strength training, running the track, biking a trail, playing ‘horsey’ with Sophie or swimming laps, I want in.

Hiking in Blue Mountain for Shelby's Bachelorette

Hiking in Blue Mountain for Shelby’s Bachelorette

Two years ago, you would have never pegged me for someone who loves (yes, you read that right, LOVES) to work out. While I have always been conscious about my body, I was never one who ‘hated’ on it or complained about it. I had curves, an average waist line and overall I was happy with how I felt.

Then Jacqui suggested that we should try out a local bootcamp she had heard about through work (which is where I met Julie, my amazing trainer and now good friend). Our readers should know that at the time of this suggestion the sisters had been trying to get together at least once a week, which had resulted in A LOT of baking and in turn a little over indulgence.  Jacqui’s suggestion was a welcomed hit.

After an initial fitness test, weigh in and measurements recorded, we started Julie’s class. The first one did me in.

I was sweaty, I was tired, I felt weak, I smelled, I had struggled the whole way through.

I  loved it.

I was hooked. I loved how I felt during and even more so when I was SO sore and couldn’t convince my legs to climb the stairs the next day.

At first, bootcamp was a twice to three times a week activity that I did with my sisters. Then I added in running on my own time and hiking with a few girlfriends.

Running The Grand River Trail

Running the Grand River Trail

I would work out in parks, in basement studios, on ‘Mount Trashmore’ in Kitchener, in my backyard, the track at Benny’s, on the Grand River Trail – anywhere I could find space.

Hiking Tewes Falls, Dundas ON

Hiking Tewes Falls, Dundas, ON

I still do. I am blessed with friends that also share in my passion for fitness and drive me to keep pushing myself. My fiancé is trying to remember not to mess with me when I haven’t made a workout or didn’t push myself hard enough. (Come to think of it, this rule also applies for food and sleep…poor guy.)

I hope I never lose my fire for fitness. It has enriched my life in more ways then one. I feel balanced, happy and at peace… It also gave me the confidence to do this:

The 'Mike approved' blog shot - photo credit: Close Your Eyes Photography

The ‘Mike approved’ blog shot – photo credit: Close Your Eyes Photography

Something I never thought I’d have the guts to do. It also doesn’t hurt that I worked with one of the most amazing photographers EVER. (Seriously, the bomb – check Heather out here).

As I am lucky enough to have an extended sisterhood that includes many beautiful women (I mean this in the truest sense of the word), I have been cheered on by every humbling reminder that I am making them proud and even inspiring a few.

I hope you’re having a beautiful Tuesday.

~ Toni