The friends in your head

In my head and in everyone’s head, there is this fantasy at work where famous people you would only dream about meeting are actually your best friends. In my head, I have these people and they are the best imaginary best friends a girl could have.

I used to have a SEVERE crush on Daniel Radcliffe. I know, me? Like the guy who played Harry Potter? What?! But no seriously, he was my dream boy all through high school. I had a picture of him in my locker and a girl actually bit me because I tried to stop her from stealing my poster of D.R. Now he has grown up and is awkward and adorable in interviews, still taken aback by questions, and is still so funny and awesome. He would be my old high school crush best friend. You know, the one you realize should just be a best friend for a reason.

Oh Daniel.

Oh, Daniel

Next would be the pensive and incredibly bright friend. You know, the one that you could see drinking tea with at 2 o’clock in the morning just because you got on to a random topic and you know time will get away from you because “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly…time-y wimey…stuff.” That’s right. David Tennant is my best friend in my head. I know. I would actually love to meet him, because of just how awesome he is…in my head.

Everybody needs that one friend who spurs you forward and gets you into random adventures and things you would have never thought you would have gotten yourself into. Then they would be so into the adventures they often just walk off and leave you behind. If you have never seen the show Sherlock then you basically just got the rundown of what Sherlock Holmes is like in the show. But, much like Dr. Watson, I would still follow no matter what. This best friend is none other than Benedict Cumberbatch himself. He seems like he would be so smart, but weirdly endearing, and you would just have to forgive him or hate him completely.

Strangely weird, and weirdly strange Mr. Cumberbatch

Strangely weird, and weirdly strange Mr. Cumberbatch

And along with those random adventures, you need the friend that makes you laugh until you pee your pants, and possibly even pass out due to the hilarity. This lady is bizarre and awesome, and strange, and I would love to spent just and hour with her going grocery shopping or something, because I honestly believe that Rebel Wilson would be just that wonderful to hang out with…at least in my brain.

Seriously, Rebel Wilson is my spirit animal.

Seriously, Rebel Wilson is my spirit animal.

Then there is the snarky bestie who you hang out with and be surly and sarcastic with, but is still awkward and weird. Who you hang out with because life can suck and it’s nice to know that some people feel the same way. Also EVERYONE must have a certain level of sarcasm and sass in your life. Anna Kendrick would be the friend I would most likely want to go to the mall and quietly (or loudly) mock people with. At least, my imaginary Anna is like that.

I love her in these Movies!

I love her in the Pitch Perfect movies!

I would also need that elegant, but quirky friend, who makes me feel more adult, because even at 24 I often find myself looking around and wondering how to adult (and, yes, “adult” is now a verb). I would have Anne Hathaway as that friend. Imaginary Anne is completely lovely and quite often I find myself with her in an old book shop reading copies of Jane Austen books in the secluded quiet of a back corner.

She's just so PRETTY.

She’s just so PRETTY.

Those are my people; the people I will daydream about and imagine different scenarios with in everyday life.

Please, tell me – do you have imaginary people running around in your head? Tell me I am not alone!

~ Andreah

And the Julia goes to…

The Oscars are over for another year. And if I were giving out Oscars (or Julias as it may be), I would give this year the Oscar for Best Oscars.

It wasn’t because of the moments, even though there were some awesome ones.

Like Harrison Ford taking pizza from the delivery guy that Ellen called, and then asking Ellen for napkins:

Or Meryl Streep shimmying with Pharrell Williams:

Or even the photo that broke Twitter:

It was the fact that I got to spend the night with four fabulous gals: Andrea (cousin-in-law-but-really-in-life), Kim (sister-in-law-but-really-forever), and two Weather Vane sisters, Toni and Jacqui. Usually I watch the Oscars alone on the couch in my pyjamas, with Ben on the computer behind me, poking his head into my bubble of alone time every now and then to find out how I’m doing, or what’s happening on the TV, or why a particular moment is special. But tonight, he went downstairs to play video games and I hung out with four women who love snark and gossip and movies and snacks (oh, the snacks!) as much as me.

Here’s a run-down of the Julias (my own personal Oscars, dontchaknow) I would hand out, if I could:

Best Dressed

I love fashion. Love. It. I don’t have any money to purchase it, my day job doesn’t require me to wear any, and I’ll probably never make it to the Oscars, but boy do I love me some haute couture. And tonight the ladies brought it. (I would mention the men, but in truth they kind of all look the same to me (except for the hair, of course)).

The Julia for Best Dressed would go to Anna Kendrick. She was stunning in a black dress with red accents by J. Mendel:

I love the clutch, the detail, and I love her. It’s a win!

Runner-up, but definitely not a loser, is Cate Blanchett. She is always stunning. Always. And Oscar night was no exception. Wearing Armani Prive, she was a vision, as usual.

Best Acceptance Speech

The very first award to be given out was for Best Supporting Actor, which Jared Leto won. His speech was pretty great, touching on his single mother, AIDS, which his movie was about, and even the situation in Ukraine. But for me the most eloquent and heart-some (like toothsome, but different) speech was Lupita Nyong’o’s, who won for Best Supporting Actress.

Here is her speech:

Thank you to the Academy for this incredible recognition. It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s. And so I want to salute the spirit of Patsey for her guidance. And for Solomon, thank you for telling her story and your own.

Steve McQueen, you charge everything you fashion with a breath of your own spirit. Thank you so much for putting me in this position, it’s been the joy of my life. [Tears, applause.] I’m certain that the dead are standing about you and watching and they are grateful and so am I.

Chiwetel, thank you for your fearlessness and how deeply you went into Solomon, telling Solomon’s story. Michael Fassbender, thank you so much. You were my rock. Alfre and Sarah, it was a thrill to work with you. Joe Walker, the invisible performer in the editing room, thank you. Sean Bobbitt, Kalaadevi, Adruitha, Patty Norris, thank you, thank you, thank you — I could not be here without your work.

I want to thank my family, for your training [laughs] and the Yale School of Drama as well, for your training. My friends the Wilsons, this one’s for you. My brother Junior sitting by my side, thank you so much, you’re my best friend and then my other best friend, my chosen family.

When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid. Thank you.

So, so perfect. Can’t wait to see where her career will take her.

Best Host 

Hosting the Oscars is a tough gig. You’re in front of an audience of professionals who need to be entertained, yet not offended, and an audience of viewers that are expecting the magic that Hollywood is famous for. If your performance bombs, you’ll never live it down. And if you’re awesome, you might become Billy Crystal. Tough, tough gig.

It’s always exciting when the host nails it, and Ellen did a great job. She was funny, pushed the envelope but not too far (Hi, Seth.), and rocked her wardrobe changes (“I added a scarf!”). Loved her.

Best of the Snark

There is always so much to be catty about when it comes to Hollywood. The best of the night, though, is more of a PSA than an actual snarkiness:

Dear John Travolta,

You are a bagillionaire. Please, please, please look into different hair options. This one is just not working for you.

Love, The Julias Academy (so official!).

Best Snack

Before this year, I never had snacks for the Oscars. This year, thanks to my super fabulous guests, we had lots to choose from  – homemade chocolate chip cookies, three different types of popcorn, veggies, pretzels, pitas, dips, Doritos, Rolos, pop, and peanut M&Ms. My absolute favourite was the butter and salt popcorn – a classic that never seems to get old and is so linked to the movies (sorry, Toni – your carrots were delicious, but I love me some popcorn!).

Next Year’s Julias

Will Leo win next year? Will Ben Affleck stop throwing a hissy-fit and come back? Who will host? Who will sing (let it be P!nk again!)? Who will we remember? What will we be eating? What new starlet or star will we be excited to watch? What dress will make us swoon? What hair will make us wonder?

One thing’s for sure: I’m having another Oscar party. It was by far the best thing to happen to the Oscars and the Julias this year! So, congrats to the winners, a hug to the ones who didn’t make it, and sweet dreams to everyone living in the wrong time zone for the longest show of nonsense in the world (it’s so late!).

~ Julia and The Julias Academy