The adventures of Hendrix and Bacon – Part 1

Hendrix is our 8-year old Yorkie Terrier who was given to me by my future mother-in-law, and Bacon is our 5-year old English Bulldog who was a birthday present for Cody. We brought Bacon home when Hendrix was three years old and his world was turned upside down – not only was he no longer an only dog, but the little brother we brought home was not so little.

Cody and I have always thought that Hendrix had some kind vendetta against Bacon, but we had no real proof. Until one fateful day during a midday nap when I caught Hendrix in the act of sabotage!

I had come home from work (this particular day I was only scheduled to work until 12:30 p.m.), I made myself a delicious sandwich with pickles. This sandwich was quite filling. As I finished the first half my eyes got heavy. I curled up in the corner of our sectional, pulled the blankets up and settled in for an afternoon nap – the kind of nap you dream about while sitting at your desk around 3 p.m….yeah, that kind of nap. My eyes started to shut when I heard the familiar clicking of nails on the floor.

Through the slits of my eyes, I watched as Hendrix jumped up on the coffee table.

He thought I was sleeping…

He cautiously maneuvered around the spare change and my earrings that I took off before I retreated to plush oasis, and made his way towards the plate with the remains of my lunch.

I have decided at this point to watch him – I know that if Cody were to walk in, Hendrix would quickly retreat under our bed, hiding until his indiscretion had been forgotten.

Hendrix quietly grabbed the leftover sandwich and proceeded to place it on the corner of the coffee table. Then, he licked his lips and waited. Waited for his victim to come and see what he is doing. Curiosity will be the demise of Bacon.

As Bacon came around the corner, he immediately spotted the sandwich within his reach and trotted over to it. With one swift move, Bacon’s clumsy head is on the coffee table as his mouth grabs towards the delicious treat, knocking around the plate. Hendrix sat back, watching Bacon as eats it and looking over to see if I have woken up from the clanging of the plate. I did not move for fear of ruining the amazing events that were unfolding in front of me! Hendrix’s plan had been foiled! Drat!

As Bacon licked his lips in pleasure, Hendrix was already devising another plan to inevitably bring down Bacon.

Pinky and the Brain

~ Jacqui

New directions?

I had an appointment today.

It was a semi life changing appointment.

It was about my career options. I have been mulling the idea over and over in my mind about whether I should stick to photography, or try something new, and believe it or not I was considering a switch from photography to welding.

Welding is a pretty awesome profession, it’s a good respectable trade in which I had a fascination with recently. It was the creating something new, the starting something new, the brand new adventure.

So I went to a career counsellor. We talked for over an hour and came to a renewed decision.

I am sticking with photography. I had a plan when I came to this new town.

Source: Eclectica Photo

Source: Eclectica Photo

I was planning on going further with my photography. I was going to start something new, and although I can’t do my own photography right now, I am looking and searching for companies to be apart of.

Source: Eclectica Photo

Source: Eclectica Photo

Talking to the career counsellor was enlightening. It allowed to me really think about what would be right for me, and what I actually want for my future.

I want to be happy, I want to get on my feet and do what I love.

What I love is photography.

Source: Eclectica Photo

Source: Eclectica Photo

I love the moments, the clients, and the experiences.

I feel like I got lost, but now I’m on my way back in the right direction…thankfully

~ Andreah