The friends in your head

In my head and in everyone’s head, there is this fantasy at work where famous people you would only dream about meeting are actually your best friends. In my head, I have these people and they are the best imaginary best friends a girl could have.

I used to have a SEVERE crush on Daniel Radcliffe. I know, me? Like the guy who played Harry Potter? What?! But no seriously, he was my dream boy all through high school. I had a picture of him in my locker and a girl actually bit me because I tried to stop her from stealing my poster of D.R. Now he has grown up and is awkward and adorable in interviews, still taken aback by questions, and is still so funny and awesome. He would be my old high school crush best friend. You know, the one you realize should just be a best friend for a reason.

Oh Daniel.

Oh, Daniel

Next would be the pensive and incredibly bright friend. You know, the one that you could see drinking tea with at 2 o’clock in the morning just because you got on to a random topic and you know time will get away from you because “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly…time-y wimey…stuff.” That’s right. David Tennant is my best friend in my head. I know. I would actually love to meet him, because of just how awesome he is…in my head.

Everybody needs that one friend who spurs you forward and gets you into random adventures and things you would have never thought you would have gotten yourself into. Then they would be so into the adventures they often just walk off and leave you behind. If you have never seen the show Sherlock then you basically just got the rundown of what Sherlock Holmes is like in the show. But, much like Dr. Watson, I would still follow no matter what. This best friend is none other than Benedict Cumberbatch himself. He seems like he would be so smart, but weirdly endearing, and you would just have to forgive him or hate him completely.

Strangely weird, and weirdly strange Mr. Cumberbatch

Strangely weird, and weirdly strange Mr. Cumberbatch

And along with those random adventures, you need the friend that makes you laugh until you pee your pants, and possibly even pass out due to the hilarity. This lady is bizarre and awesome, and strange, and I would love to spent just and hour with her going grocery shopping or something, because I honestly believe that Rebel Wilson would be just that wonderful to hang out with…at least in my brain.

Seriously, Rebel Wilson is my spirit animal.

Seriously, Rebel Wilson is my spirit animal.

Then there is the snarky bestie who you hang out with and be surly and sarcastic with, but is still awkward and weird. Who you hang out with because life can suck and it’s nice to know that some people feel the same way. Also EVERYONE must have a certain level of sarcasm and sass in your life. Anna Kendrick would be the friend I would most likely want to go to the mall and quietly (or loudly) mock people with. At least, my imaginary Anna is like that.

I love her in these Movies!

I love her in the Pitch Perfect movies!

I would also need that elegant, but quirky friend, who makes me feel more adult, because even at 24 I often find myself looking around and wondering how to adult (and, yes, “adult” is now a verb). I would have Anne Hathaway as that friend. Imaginary Anne is completely lovely and quite often I find myself with her in an old book shop reading copies of Jane Austen books in the secluded quiet of a back corner.

She's just so PRETTY.

She’s just so PRETTY.

Those are my people; the people I will daydream about and imagine different scenarios with in everyday life.

Please, tell me – do you have imaginary people running around in your head? Tell me I am not alone!

~ Andreah

Letting go of Shakira

No one is perfect. Everyone has their imperfections. But it seems that our own are more apparent to ourselves when we are looking in the mirror before leaving for work, or getting ready to go out.  We all have our ways of covering them up, or coping with them.

Myself, I makes jokes about my flaws, I mock myself, because if I do it, then it won’t hurt so bad when other people notice. I pointed it out to them, I am aware of my appearance, so they have to take notice of my bravery and blunt nature, and just accept it as me…right?



Here is a news flash, I wish I were thinner, and that my skin was flawless…


I wish I didn’t have to wax my eyebrows (damn you, Dad and those Portuguese genes)….



And so I have a prescription cream for my skin (although I will argue is does nothing), I have a grooming regime to ensure my eyebrows are two separate entities and not one, and I have started to work out.

Don’t we all have a list of things we want to change? Tweak? It’s no secret that Julia, Toni and myself have started to work out; they have introduced me to the love of running, and although I am not totally in love with it right now, I can see how when you start you just can’t stop.

For me, the joy I get from working out is the new perspective that it has given me. Before when I decided I should start working out, about the time Cody proposed, my goals were unobtainable, because not only did I want to lose weight, but I wanted to grow taller, a feat that I have not been capable of since the 8th grade, and I wanted to change my body type. I didn’t want to put the work in, I only wanted to pin pictures of women with amazing bodies and then by the power of osmosis, it would happen!

Since I started working out, I have stumbled upon more and more blogs about other people’s love affairs and break-ups with exercising and the movement to love your body at every shape on a site called Health At Every Size. The most recent I came across was a fellow blogger, Talkin’ Reckless, who publicly announced her break-up with exercising  Her post resonated with me! Not only a couple of hours earlier I was talking with one of my best friends Kim, who has been a major inspiration of mine when it comes to health and fitness, about how I was finally happy with my body, because I was not depriving myself of things, and that I understood that I will never have Shakira’s body, but rather my own version of it.


Today I am making better choices with what I put into my body by not focusing on the quantity but the quality. I am working out more and finding myself needing it, and wanting to work out for me. I am comfortable in my own skin, and love posting about the feats that I have accomplished!

I still have goals for my fitness; however they are realistic and I am setting myself up to accomplish them, instead of failing. I have found a new bond with the ladies I work out with – a sisterhood if you will. They motivate me when temptation is around every corner, they push me (and I need to be pushed) and they are there to cushion the fall when I stray off the path.

Like I said, I am comfortable in my own skin, and it feels AMAZING!

~ Jacqui