Morning meditation

I sneak out in the morning, before this sleepy little town wakes.

Before my dogs realize I am gone.

To be so comfortable in bed!

To be so comfortable in bed!

I run through the tiny trail that cuts  through the town.


I stop and sit on the bench at the duck pond, I cross my legs. I put my head phones in, I press play and I breathe.


Picture perfect

I pray for the day.

Although I stopped going to church, I am still connected to something – something that I send my thoughts and prayers to.

I pray for my family.

I pray for what I have. The air in my lungs and the food on my table. The four walls that surround me and the two arms that hold me. The women who guide me and provide me with strength. The friends who ground me.


I start every day like this. I stop my world from spinning for a moment…before it turns uncontrollably again.

Sleepy town

I run away before I start my day.

I run away to start my day.

~ Jacqui