Are we home yet? – Baltimore Trip Pt 3

We did it…. well they did it, but I like to think our specific cheering squad helped boost morale. If you could HEAR the screams from Ben, and how Toni almost lost her voice, then you would think the same too.

I don’t even know how to write this seeing as we are no longer in the play offs as the Patriots defeated us. Isn’t sports lingo great – defeated – how extravagant!

I was placed with the task of writing about our way home – but I didn’t want to.. I still don’t want to. I want to still be there, still walking around with the rest of the fans, basking in us winning, us still being in the playoffs, still seeing Ben jump down the streets with so much energy that he had to do push ups in the hotel room in order to get some energy out.

However, we came home…we drove…for forever…and ever. I almost got sick – seriously I suck at car rides. I had Gravol, fresh air and I am sure everyone was thankful for that.

There were some highlights of the way home, so maybe I should just let you know about those. Because I wouldn’t personally like to read a sad blog about coming home from a vacation where we were stuck in the car for hours on end!

In the morning, the bakery attached to our hotel had chocolate croissants that were FRESHLY made that morning. As everyone was packing up and getting ready for the day, and to sit in the car, I went to the bakery and got coffee and croissants and brought them back to our meeting point of the trip, Julia and Ben’s room. Now do I have pictures of these delicious amazing, goooooeeeyy flakey yummy pastries? No I do not – because we ate them before I could get a picture of them. They were so good – so darn good!

JUST KIDDING!!! Of course I have a picture – jeeze this isn’t amateur hour, we bought more!


Yum-O look at those eyes!

We even bought more for the drive home, so the beautiful picture you see above is our second batch of delicious treats.

Another highlight of our whole trip was how friendly everyone was – even as Mike was setting the GPS for home, a man who noticed Mike walked up to the open window and asked if he needed help to get any where. He then proceeded to tell us the completely wrong way to get home, but that was not the point. The point was he wanted to help – he told us to go from his house, which we were no where near, to get to Canada.


The way home was long, like I said before. But with a great seat partner, which I had, and a request to go SHOPPING – it was made more bearable!


Seat partner extrodinaire – who even held my hair when I thought I was going to throw up!

We stopped in Pennsylvania to stretch our legs, get food and to get some shopping in. We stopped at Victoria Secret where Julia found the love of real bras again since she has stopped nursing, Toni also bought little goodies, and I bought comfy pj’s. I also had my first Macy’s experience where I found and bought a dress for my wedding shower, and Julia and Toni tried to figure out how to steal a very large mirror that was sitting in the change room.

seriously ... can't take them any where!

Seriously…can’t take them anywhere!

After we were thoroughly scolded for wanting a car break from the men who failed to book off the next day, we were scurried to Subway where the option for “double meat” was asked very cordially. I declined…and I am happy to report for all our heart and waistlines’ sake, no one got double meat.

We were then shoved back into the car and whisked back to the border. The car ride home was uneventful – we tried to get home as soon as possible for fear that the rental fairies would turn our Tahoe back into a pumpkin.

The rest of the trip was a blur of…


And this…


With maybe a little bit of this…


All in all it was a great trip – and I leave with you this amazing entrance picture of the great Suggs. Seriously, how bad ass is this picture!?


It was a great trip, an amazing trip – and by far the best present I have ever given to Cody – even though the picture evidence that I have doesn’t really show it.


This was after we won…I swear he loves me! Just kidding, love you babe!

~ Jacqui

Crazy, amazing, insane

This past Friday was the start of something crazy beautiful – our wedding party got together to start planning the first event of Cody’s and my nuptials (ever notice how that word sounds kinda… sassy… nuptials), and let me tell you, getting all 14 of our wedding party plus more into our kitchen was INSANE! Amazing insane chaos! Loud, insane, crazy, beautiful CHAOS! I am so excited!!!!


CRAZY right!?!


Caught ya!

Caught ya!

It was the first time our family and friends came together to meet one another. There was food, wine, laughter, wrestling (don’t ask), beer, and a bonfire.



Oh, and baby snuggles.


She is getting WAY t0o big WAY too fast!

The goal of the evening was to plan our Buck and Doe, which maybe some of you have never heard of – as I tell more and more people about it, I am finding that this is pretty much a Southern Ontario tradition. It is an event held by the wedding party for the bride and groom to raise money and celebrate their up and coming wedding.

It’s an Ayr tradition – our friends who were married before us had one, and the ones who will be married after I am sure will follow suit. Pretty much it’s a large party, where games, raffles, prizes, booze, food and dancing is to be had and we are having one and it’s going to be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! All thanks to our amazing ladies and gents.


See these faces – these faces are some of the reasons stuff will get done! Sassy eyes!

Cody and I were a little worried at first as this is really an odd bunch of characters – each one of my ladies has their own personality and mixed with Cody’s men, it could go either way. It’s not to say that I was surprised – people took charge and were helpful, they had opinions and ideas, and they were all SOOOO wonderful, beyond wonderful – amazing. Seriously how did we get so lucky?


Some super amazing His and Hers Christmas ornaments from my Kimmie and her HUSBAND Greg

Games were planned, tasks were given, everyone volunteered. Seriously, we feel like the luckiest people in the WORLD!!!!!!! ❤  From Cody and I, thank you to everyone who came out, we love each and every one of you!

And for the rest of you! Stay tuned – I am sure there will be more posts of the many wedding festivities to come!

~ Jacqui


My handsome man in his younger years – we are going to have the best looking kids! 🙂

Wintery wonderland photo tips

My sisters gave me an assignment for this week’s blog post.

I love them and their ways of guiding me to my goals that I set for myself, although sometimes I hate to admit it.

Anyways so I was given a task…

Then I thought about my teachers in college preparing us for every situation, especially snow. In fact, when my three friends and I decided to do our winterscape assignment, we decided to go out in a blizzard and some of us *cough* *Kate* *cough* decided it was a good idea to go into a field with two and a half feet of snow and get stuck!

For this post, I wrote out my list of stuff I was told to remember, and asked my friend Hanna to model for me. Because she loves me, she said yes!

Without further ado, here is my list of do’s and don’ts for this wintery wonderland we call home!

Yes, you may look a little silly, and your subject may want to have their coats off at times, but it is cold, and we don’t want to be blue in photos, even if that parka hides your figure, and makes you look boxy! Bring it anyways! Between shots, bundle up, drink some warm beverage and take it easy.

2. Remember COLOUR!!!
Do not wear white in winter for photos. Cream is not bad. But, if you want your photos to look amazing, try for at least a pop of colour. Hanna had her red coat on and it was perfect against the stark background.

3. Keep an eye on backgrounds.
Now this one is a year round one, but it has two meanings in winter for me. Be aware of what is in the background! You may think the photo looks amazing, but after when you are inside perusing your photos and see that you have trash cans in the background, you might be kicking yourself. I also bring up background because they can help you! Not just by adding to your subject matter, but also as a windbreaker! Use that wall to shield you from the wind! See that big maple over there? Yeah that tree! Have them lean against it and ta-da! Cuts out that snow glare and helps them see you instead of squinting at you! Which brings me to my next point…

4. Ah! Snow glare! Over exposure!
The snow is white. I don’t think I have to tell you that, but I feel the need to remind you of it. Photographers use these things called reflectors – they come in gold, silver, white, and a couple other ways, but those three are my favourites. Taking photos in the snow is like stepping out into one big reflector! Just be aware your subject can look a little too ethereal with the help of all that snow! You are then over exposing your photo, which is not good. You can usually change the settings on a simple point and shoot camera, which are set for a bunch of different surroundings. Let them help you. Just remember that sometimes standing on the snow looks like you are standing on the sun, so use your presets or a light meter for your DSLR (Digital Single Lens Relex). They actually have light meters you can download for your phone if you don’t want to spring for the $100+ ones! Amazing, I know!

It is so not fun getting your photo taken and having to squint through the sun at the photographer. Keep an eye on the sun position and change it up. Even moving three feet to your left (or right) can help you and your person. Hanna couldn’t stop laughing when I told her I had to blind her with the sun for a ‘what not to do’ photo.

We live in Canada, where we get snow for about 50% of our year, and I hope these tips can help you out with all your picture taking needs!

A huge thank you to Hanna for being my model – you were lovely! Even with the blinding light.

See! Nice photo, and I followed my tips!

See? Nice photo and I followed my tips. I love how you can see the snow falling!

~ Andreah

P.S. If you want more tutorials or have photography questions, leave a comment on this blog, and I’ll do my best to answer!