Childhood comfort

People generally have those comfort foods they turn to. I don’t have a lot of them as I’m more prone on a bad day to just go with a cup of hot canned soup.

I do have a couple, however, and although I don’t follow most cooking recipes, I usually follow baking recipes. Usually.
We have a childhood favourite, and they are our mom’s ‘Uncooked Cookie’ recipe.

She has different variations, and we each use those different variations, but because I am in her house, I have her original recipe!

So you will need some milk…
…and butter and sugar. Throw that on the heat ’til it melts, and then let it boil for about a minute. Longer than that it tends to burn.
DSC_4208On the side, combine your rolled oats and cocoa!

DSC_4209Mix it well!
DSC_4210When the butter, sugar and milk are boiled, mix in your oats and cocoa mixture. Add some vanilla. Be sure to add more oats if it is a little too moist.
DSC_4211Be careful NOT to burn yourself. Like I did.
DSC_4216Put down some waxed paper, and spoon it out with some tablespoons!
DSC_4213Nice neat rows.
DSC_4212Let sit until they are good and solid, but still gooey.

Then EAT and enjoy. I recommend with some milk.

I remember helping our mom with this recipe when I was a bit shorter, so it’s always a sweet experience in more ways than one whenever I make it.

Like mom our moms awesome decor? Inspiring right!?

Like our mom’s awesome decor? Inspiring right!?

Mom's Uncooked Cookies

  • Servings: 2 dozen cookies
  • Difficulty: easy-peasy
  • Print


3 cups rolled oats
6-8 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
2 cups sugar
1 tsp vanilla


Lay long sheets of wax paper on a flat, cool surface (this is where your cookies will set, so make sure tiny fingers or helpful pets can’t get to them). Combine oats and cocoa in a bowl, mixing well. Set aside. In large sauce pot, combine milk, butter and sugar. Stirring constantly, heat on medium-high heat. Bring to a boil. Let boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and immediately add vanilla and dry mixture to the pot. Stir until combined. Using tablespoons, gently place mounds of dough on the prepared wax paper. Let the cookies sit until they are set. Enjoy with a glass of milk!

~ Andreah


Here’s the thing about a house FULL of girls…chocolate is a must.

Elixir of life...with butter, which is also the elixir of elixir of life SQUARED.

Elixir of life…with butter…which is also the elixir of life…so elixir of life SQUARED.

It’s there for you when you break up.

It's getting hot in take off all your clothes...wait, wrong post.

It’s getting hot in here…so take off all your clothes…wait, wrong post.

It’s there for you when you birthday up.



It’s there for you to eat with coffee (or tea…or milk).

Way more than a spoonful, Ms. Poppins...WAY more.

Way more than a spoonful, Ms. Poppins…WAY more.

It’s there for you to spruce up your banana bread.

Chocolate, sugar, butter...what could go wrong?

Chocolate, sugar, butter…what could go wrong?

It can turn the greyest day to pure sunshine.


Chicken or egg? Who cares?! BROWNIES!

Chicken or egg? Who cares?! BROWNIES!

And apparently, if you eat the right kind, it’s GOOD for you (HOW AWESOME).

Vanilla and salt...ying and yang...yum and yummier

Vanilla and salt…ying and yang…yum and yummier

Chocolate is never that far out of reach in the Sisterhood and for good reason – it’s delicious and it’s delicious. Not to mention, delicious.

And the keep everything together.

And the glue…flour…to keep everything together.

Before I got married and had babies, I found this delectable, decadent, fantastic brownie recipe that made the most delicious brownies of all time.

Are you ready, baby?

Are you ready, baby?

They became “The Brownies”, requested almost as much as my famous chocolate chip cookies (another recipe for another day), and reserved for the most special of occasions.



They are moist, not cakey, fully chocolatey, and absolutely unhealthy (no, seriously). They are also kind of expensive to make (8 eggs! 10 ounces of chocolate! 4 cups of sugar!)



They are best saved for that milestone celebration, for that fancy party, or for that much-needed, long-neglected, took-forever-to-schedule-and-now-we’re-here-6-months-later girls night.

Have a good sleep, dear brownie pan. We'll EAT you soon!

Have a good sleep, dear brownie pan. We’ll EAT you soon!

It is not a recipe to be taken lightly…but it is heavenly and worth every chop, stir, and patient waiting while they set in the oven.

Oookay...we're going to need a minute here. *DROOL*

Oookay…we’re going to need a minute here. *DROOL*

These are The Brownies. And they are the ones you’ve been waiting for. Now, excuse me while I have one with my morning coffee (just don’t tell Toni…).

Suggested serving. Trust me.

Suggested serving. Trust me.

~ Julia

The Brownies

  • Servings: 1-9x13 pan of fudgy goodness (however many squares you'd like!)
  • Difficulty: worth the effort
  • Print


10 oz unsweetened Baker’s chocolate
1 1/2 cups butter
8 eggs
4 cups sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour


Grease 9×13 baking pan. Preheat oven to 350°F. Coarsely chop chocolate. Cut butter into cubes. Place both butter and chocolate in a large saucepan set over medium-low heat. Stir constantly until chocolate is almost melted and there are still a few lumps. Remove from heat and stir until smooth. Set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs until evenly blended. Set aside. Stir sugar into warm chocolate mixture until combined. Add eggs, stirring constantly until smooth. Stir in salt and vanilla. Gradually add flour and stir until just mixed. Pour the liquid heaven mixture (i.e. brownie batter) into prepared pan and bake for 35-40 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out with moist crumbs but not with raw batter. Cool before cutting. Cut into as many squares as you’d like, or grab a fork and a friend. YUM.

Adapted from Chatelaine Speedy Fudge Brownie recipe

What I learned on my summer vacation (from HELL)

My little family and I haven’t been on a vacation in YEARS. This is because of a variety of factors, mostly saving vacations to have babies and not having any vacation to speak of because of job changes. So, when the opportunity came up to go away for NINE days, I was MORE than excited (I even asked Mom, Did you hear that we’re going away? And she responded, Yes. Every time we’ve had a conversation.).

The plan was perfect (HA!) – Ben had the chance to play in a big game for his Ontario Australian Football League (crazy long story…essentially, Ben plays footie…which is like rugby, but not, and like football, but not) in Ottawa where Ben has family. We called up the relatives a month in advance, went over the plan, and voila! A vacation, six hours away (THREE WHOLE CAR MOVIES THERE AND BACK, as Sophie understood it), and relatively inexpensive, was planned. HOW AWESOME. And then, two days before we were supposed to leave, it all fell apart. The footie game was moved to Toronto (a boring ONE WHOLE CAR MOVIE away), and plans on the other end were cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Cue giant, adult, unattractive, PMS-fueled temper tantrum.

And thus began the vacation-turned-staycation from Hell. Here’s the list of things I learned from my summer vacation, which, ironically enough, only lasted the first full week of summer holidays.

Do be flexible. Once I stopped being grumpy about our cancelled vacation, I got excited about our staycation possibilities. We started researching local attractions and destinations. Museums, zoos, parks, movie theatres, pottery painting, the beach – so many options, once you take out the accommodation problem. As we planned our week, with an activity for every day, we actually got really excited! Staycations RULE!

Do include local fun. We live close to a fantastic park. It has a playground, it’s in a quiet neighbourhood, and it’s shaded by beautiful, tall, old trees. It was the kick-off to our staycation – wake up, get sunscreened and dressed, and walk to the park. Lovely. Perfect. The only day that went anywhere near according to plan.

Isaac's FIRST swing! Loved it. Nailed it.

Isaac’s FIRST swing! Loved it. Nailed it.

Do include favourites. We love going to the farmer’s market about 40 minutes away. So, given that Ben’s mom, Nana, was going to buy local Ontario strawberries for jam-making, we thought we’d jump on that train and join her. It was perfect! The market was thriving after a horrible fire destroyed it last year, the produce was bountiful, and Sophie loved running around telling us what to buy. Who can argue with the kid who’s demanding fruit! vegetables! all of it! now!? No one. Also, there are some adorable bunnies and ponies that the girls love to check out every time we’re there. All in all, good fun.

The girls hanging out at the pony pen.

The girls hanging out at the pony pen.

Do spend time with those you love. After the market, we headed back to Nana’s, which is as close to a second home as we can get. Yummy lunch, which included market goodies, followed by an afternoon hanging out by Nana’s (kiddie) pool was just the ticket. And it was all fun and games, until Sophie got sick.

Leaf spa treatment in Nana's backyard, courtesy of Mlle Sophie.

Leaf spa treatment in Nana’s backyard, courtesy of Mlle Sophie.

Do be flexible. Remember that first rule? All Sophie wanted to do was puke or lie down (we’re going with too much sun). So, we alternated between sleeping on Nana’s bathroom floor and sleeping in Nana’s spare room…until she finally settled into a deep sleep in Nana’s spare room. We talked about how we should proceed…leave just Ben there and I take the other two crazies home, or we all have a sleepover. Giant sleepover, it is. Sophie LOVED that she was the reason we all had to sleep over. And we got to have fresh market blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Win-win.

Do try something new. We have a great children’s museum in a neighbouring town that I’ve wanted to check out. What better time, than on your staycation?! We had a rough start in the morning, which resulted in Lillian having a wonder of a temper tantrum that led to her having trouble breathing. I thought she just had knocked the wind out of herself (she’s the queen of throwing herself around), and after some deep breaths all seemed okay. We got to the museum and discovered that it was incredible and perfect for kids (Yay! We have those!).

The girls and Daddy building with giant foam blocks.

The girls and Daddy building with giant foam blocks.

Isaac checking out the padded toddler area.

Isaac checking out the padded toddler area.

Do be flexible. Until Lillian had trouble breathing again. Only this time, no amount of deep breathing was fixing it. After about five minutes of scary time in the bathroom with our whole family (spending time with the ones you love!), we decided we needed an ambulance. Ben went out to get the museum staff to call, thinking they would be helpful. They were not. Thinking the ambulance would be speedy. It was not (they were told there was a three-year old having a temper tantrum in the bathroom). Thinking the ambulance attendants would be helpful. They weren’t at first, until they realized it was a breathing problem. It didn’t help that Lillian had passed out from exhaustion by the time they showed up. Eventually, we convinced them it was an emergency and not a parenting crisis, and off to the hospital by ambulance we go. (Wee!)

Do make the best out of the worst situations. We got seen pretty quickly at the  hospital, but still had to overcome the temper tantrum on the intake form. The doctor was a bit of a jerk until he understood we’re not that brand of crazy. Just the kind that needs help in a strange place when your baby is having trouble breathing. Then he was cool and helpful. He took x-rays of Lillian’s chest to confirm no broken ribs (my thinking…assuming the breathing problem had come from the throwing of the body Olympics temper tantrum from earlier) and to make sure she hadn’t choked on anything (his thinking). We were both wrong, but there was some shading on her lungs, which could mean pneumonia. He didn’t feel it was conclusive enough to prescribe anything and she was doing okay at this point, so we left it and had a picnic lunch in the hospital’s Tim Hortons, followed by a trip to Chapters for some retail therapy.

All hanging out in the hospital post-crisis.

All hanging out in the hospital post-crisis.

Do something new. We’ve never taken the girls to see a movie in a theatre before. Couple of reasons. One: Sophie was never old enough. Two: When Sophie got old enough, Lillian showed up. Three: Lillian’s hearing – how will her hearing aid/cochlear implant deal with such a loud environment. But it’s our STAYCATION! And we want to have FUN! So, we decided to go see How to Train Your Dragon 2, since both girls LOVED the first one. We secured a sitter (my mom, Grammie) for Isaac and we got ready to have some fun watching a movie on a screen BIGGER THAN OUR HOUSE. Then, Sophie got sick. She complained of a headache, threw up, and generally was miserable. No movie for us.

Right before bedtime, she asks, Can we go to the movie now? Yeah, no.

Right before bedtime, she asks, Can we go to the movie now? Yeah, no.

Do get out of the house. I work at home. I’m a stay-at-home mom. My entire life is at home. I NEEDED to get out of the house, just for one night. Just for a day. Just for something. Just so that it was different. We tossed around the idea of going to a beach for a day, staying the night in a nearby hotel, then going back to the beach for a second day, but after watching both of our kids come down with heat stroke, we decided it just might kill us (especially with our luck so far on this vacation). We did some looking and decided on an indoor water park (Fallsview Indoor Water Park, to be exact) – all the fun of a beach without the annoying sand and the evil sun! And just for fun, it would be in Niagara Falls! We booked it. We packed. We were going.

Did I mention the Hershey store? The one FULL OF CHOCOLATE??

Did I mention the Hershey store? The one FULL OF CHOCOLATE??

Do enjoy the journey. While we were waiting for our check-in time, we explored Niagara a little bit, including finding a giant Hershey store full of chocolate. We had lunch at a cafe, and made it back to the hotel in time to drop off our chocolate so it wouldn’t melt, and get everything organized to go spend a couple of hours at the water park. We had no illusions about getting a full bang-for-our-buck experience with three young children, but we were out of the house, DAMMIT.

The giant bucket of water that scared the pants off of Sophie.

The giant bucket of water that scared the pants off of Sophie.

Do be flexible. Within five minutes of getting inside the ‘special beach’ as we were calling it, Sophie got freaked out by the giant bucket of water that kept dumping. And Lillian was too short to go on any of the water slides. And Isaac got something in his eye and spent the entire time sleeping or crying on our shoulders because he just couldn’t get it out. So, we spent a ton of money to play at the tiny, toddler splash pad indoors. Fantastic.

Do trust your gut. We wrapped up the ‘special beach’ experience and went off in search of dinner. We found a buffet that was crazy expensive, but with our deal that we got with the hotel and the fact we came during the kids-eat-free hour, it was actually reasonable. Except, none of our kids wanted to eat. Everyone was tired. And Lillian was shutting down again. So maybe this rule should be, Do get room service. We limped through dinner and made it back to the hotel where Lillian was having trouble breathing again. Or she was sleeping. We couldn’t put her down on the bed in the girls’ own room (which they LOVED…so maybe it should also be, Do just go to a hotel – it’s like giving a kid a present and they only want to play with the box. Sophie couldn’t get over the fact that we were sleeping in a building FULL of bedrooms. And Lillian LOVED the fact that she could reach the lamp switches. Seriously. We should have just got the room). Lillian slept on Ben, Isaac slept in a crib in the girls’ room, and Sophie, Ben and I played farmyard bingo until it was reasonable to put Sophie to bed. She’s a rock star sleeper, so it took nothing for her to be out. But Lillian was doing awful. Awful awful. So we had to make the decision – ambulance or drive to the hospital. We figured we could make it to the hospital, so at 10 p.m. Ben and Lillian left to go find the hospital in Niagara. And I got to wait in our hotel room and worry. Best time ever.

Do give in. Ben and Lillian returned at 1:30 a.m. Lillian’s breathing was still crap, but better. She was talking and alert, not passed out or in distress. This ER doctor took one look at her and took care of her. After oxygen and Ventolin and more x-rays, pneumonia was more than conclusively decided on. They gave her the first dose of antibiotics so we wouldn’t have to track down a pharmacy in a strange city, and they gave us our little girl back. Lillian promptly asked to go to bed. And she did. On her own. Ben and I also went to bed. Isaac partied for most of the night with me, so I got zero sleep, but we gave in. This part of the vacation was over. We just had to finish the night out, get the free breakfast, and go home. We made it.

Chilling Sophie

Chilling Sophie the day after we got home.

Chilling Lillian the day after we got home. (Isaac was napping upstairs in his own bed).

Chilling Lillian the day after we got home. (Isaac was napping upstairs in his own bed).

Do rest and recover. The day after we got home from the Niagara debacle, we took our sweet time doing nothing. We were all in pyjamas until lunchtime. Naps were had. Rest was gotten. Chilling out happened. We took the day. We needed the day.

Do have low-key fun. We weren’t cooking, because seriously no one had ANY energy. At. All. We decided we’d either have a picnic in our park, or go hang out with some grandmas. My mom was studying and Ben’s mom was game. We picked up some KFC and had a picnic at Nana’s house. It was restful. It was glorious. It was low-key. Until the babies got tired and cranky and nuts. Then it was crap and we went home.

The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.

Do explore your neighbourhood. We decided we’d walk down to the library on our final day of ‘vacation’. And then go for lunch in our little downtown. We never have the chance to do it, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to really enjoy our neighbourhood and have some fun without anything too nutty. The library was a hit, as usual. The girls played on computers and Isaac ate blocks and bedtime books were selected and fun was had. Then we had to go find lunch. We settled on a small cafe with a big patio we could park our wagon and stroller.

Such a pretty little lunch space!

Such a pretty little lunch space!

Lillian settled on hitting her wall of ENOUGH. She was tired and cranky and unwell. The pneumonia is sneaky – sometimes she’s normal, and other times she’s a mess. This was the mess. She fell asleep on Ben’s shoulder and refused to eat anything more than a few French fries. The food was good, but the service was slow, and Lillian was worrisome. We finished fast and booted it up the hill back home, where we put people down for naps and called it. Our vacation, our crappy, horrible, awful, no-good vacation was OVER. We were all done trying. Because in the end, that was the biggest lesson:

Do know when to fold. 

~ Julia