New directions?

I had an appointment today.

It was a semi life changing appointment.

It was about my career options. I have been mulling the idea over and over in my mind about whether I should stick to photography, or try something new, and believe it or not I was considering a switch from photography to welding.

Welding is a pretty awesome profession, it’s a good respectable trade in which I had a fascination with recently. It was the creating something new, the starting something new, the brand new adventure.

So I went to a career counsellor. We talked for over an hour and came to a renewed decision.

I am sticking with photography. I had a plan when I came to this new town.

Source: Eclectica Photo

Source: Eclectica Photo

I was planning on going further with my photography. I was going to start something new, and although I can’t do my own photography right now, I am looking and searching for companies to be apart of.

Source: Eclectica Photo

Source: Eclectica Photo

Talking to the career counsellor was enlightening. It allowed to me really think about what would be right for me, and what I actually want for my future.

I want to be happy, I want to get on my feet and do what I love.

What I love is photography.

Source: Eclectica Photo

Source: Eclectica Photo

I love the moments, the clients, and the experiences.

I feel like I got lost, but now I’m on my way back in the right direction…thankfully

~ Andreah