5 truths that are truer than true

When we started this blog, I did not think it would get to be so personal, but now that we have opened up to you, I figured hell why stop there? Here are 5 things you never knew about me…And you may wish you didn’t after you read them.

1. I pee in the shower. Listen! A lot of people do this and while I am sure Cody is cringing as I am making this super public, there are some specific reasons why I do this. First of all, it’s the only place I can stand up and pee! Men have it so easy – they can just whip it out and point it just about anywhere and release the hounds. I am not peeing all over the place,  just in the shower, and sometimes first thing in the morning when you stumble out of bed and into that warm shower, you forget the toilet step. Second of all it goes down the drain unlike the remains of a certain someone’s farmer hanky! I CLEAN THE TUB, and would much rather wash away what little urine residue there is than scrape off boogers from the walls of the shower!

Pee in  the shower

2. I have a unibrow. Anyone from my childhood can confirm this. I am French Canadian/Portuguese. I have hair and it grows thick in the worst places – my big toe, atop my feet and even in between my eyes. In our household growing up there were two main rules: 1) No boys until you are 16, and 2) No makeup/hair removal until you are 16.
Now let’s think this one through…At the age of 16 you are already in high school for about a year. Kids in high school are not nice…I mean they made a whole movie about how mean they can be! Now you’re telling me you want me to try and accept myself for who I am (because this was the purpose of the rule) when I am in the awkward stage of puberty, and I have a thick caterpillar adorning my eyes!? EFF THAT! Thank God I didn’t listen to my parents…about the hair removal, that is!


3. I am 24 and have A TON of grey hair. I do! I have been dyeing my hair since I was allowed to, which was 16, and ever since then the greys have come back. I go as far as to pluck out my grey hairs between colouring. AND I love my hair dark, which leaves little room for missing that touch-up appointment. My mom went grey young…and some of the other sisters are grey too… Shhhhh! I didn’t tell you!

Grey hair

4. I don’t like pizza. I know, I know, what’s wrong with me!?!? People crave pizza, and I could care less if I never had it again. I can tell the difference between GOOOOOD pizza and bad pizza, but either way it’s just pizza! It’s no cheeseburger and fries. Whenever Cody says that we are having pizza, his advisement is always followed by “I know you don’t care for it, but normal people do” and a roll of the eyes. Hey, if liking pizza means being normal, then sign me up for the freak festival! Step right up ladies and gents for the weirdly amusing, one eyebrowed-grey-haired young lady who hates pizza! People will travel the world! I can see it now!


5. The fifth and final confession of this Weather Vane sister is…I am deathly afraid of ants. I hate them. I HATE those large patches of them that just seem to show up for no reason…they send shivers down my spine. There is no reason for this – I have never been tortured by them other than of late with them invading our kitchen. But I hate them. Ew. Yuck. Ants.


Well those are my five truths that are truer than true – and I know you share some of them with me, whether you want to admit it or not.

~ Jacqui

Dear 16-year-old me

Dear 16-year-old me,

This is the year that you change high schools (by choice this time), the year you start grade 10 as the new girl again, meet and fall in love with two of your still-close girl friends, meet and fall in like with a few boys and then finally meet and fall in love with your first serious boyfriend. He will teach you that laughter really is one of the most important things in life and also that saying goodbye to people you love is hard, but sometimes completely necessary.

Michelle, myself, Katey

Michelle, myself, Katey

I want to tell you that you should be a little more sure of yourself, you’ve got more to offer the world than you give yourself credit for and you shouldn’t put so much weight on the negative influences you’ve faced. I want to tell you that your anger was so, so wasted and it took some joy out of what could have been even better moments. I wish I could tell you that if you could have been a little softer, a little sooner, you might not have been so quick to cut people out of your life. But, you eventually get it in your own time – go you!

You will know by now that your curves – especially your boobs – can and will be both a curse and a blessing. You will one day embrace them for both sides of the coin, especially when it comes time to attend court for your first speeding ticket…don’t worry, he lets you off way easier than the cop did.

You will kick yourself when you realize you should have thanked your big sister sooner for stepping in, every time, without question, whenever, wherever and however you might have needed her – she kind of raised and saved your ass…a lot. (Seriously, thank you, Julia.)

Where would I be without you?

Where would I be without you?

You don’t know it yet, but you are about to make the bold, almost stupid, decision of not attending college directly after high school – I want to thank you for that. Seriously, good move. You get to meet the next great loves of your life – your future fiancé, the man you will marry and his beautiful children – because he remembers you years after your stint in the automotive industry is over. He’ll contact you on a site called Facebook (which I won’t even attempt to explain to you) and the rest is history.

Future You still doesn’t fully understand the feeling women are talking about when they say they “can’t wait to have a baby!” and that’s still okay, but stay open. Try not to let the influential voices in your life dictate this one for you – it is a choice that only you are allowed to make as you are the only one who will live with the results of that choice. And when women who don’t understand your indecisiveness about it make you feel small and ashamed, please don’t let them get into your heart. Not wanting or wanting children of your own does not shape the woman you are and the quality of life that you will have. Those women can suck it.

I wish I could find some way to tell you to be kinder and to go easier on your mama (not that you would have listened, you mule). She has always been your biggest cheerleader and your biggest defender – whether you believe me or not. One day you will be blessed to count her as one of your best friends and won’t ever be able to make it up to her for all the heart attacks and aches you’ve caused her. No matter what path you will choose – even the decisions you’re not proud of (there are eventually a few, trust me) – she will never leave your side. She’s also kind of the best example EVER for a mother’s love and will unknowingly provide the strength and wisdom you need when you become a step-mom.

mama and me

Mama and me

Also, it turns out there is a way to get what you want out of life without fighting and building brick walls at the first hint of heartache. You don’t have to be so ready to fight for your life at a moment’s notice and you will learn the hard way that people will only love and care about you when it’s good for them too. You will also learn that if you continue to make it impossible, they will walk. And some never come back.

Please don’t stop painting. I guarantee you will regret it.

You foolishly will stop running when you begin your first full time job. Thankfully, somewhere in your mid-20s you will fall in love all over again – with the freedom you feel mid-stride, heart pumping, legs aching, sweat dripping, telling yourself just one more kilometer, every kilometer, until you feel satisfied. It’s an even more amazing and rewarding relationship the second time around. ***Bonus hint: this rule DOES NOT apply to all relationships…but you’ll learn that one eventually too.***

Yes, you still cry easily – when angered, when happy, when sad, when overwhelmed, when frustrated, when elated…even commercials do you in. You don’t yet fully love this trait so innate to you, but you get used to it. Eventually. I hope.

You should be warned that people will tell you whatever you want to hear to get what they need or want from you. You learn this rule the hard way a few times (See a theme here? Donkey.). However, be grateful that it still has yet to harden your heart and you learn to always hope for the best from people, every time. The good thing with this is you’re a lot happier this way and more in tune with your gut feel about people or situations.

16 year old me

16 year-old-me

You still have an amazing circle of people that love you and want only the best for you – you have just become a whole lot more appreciative of them and almost hyper-aware of how incredible your friends, family and loves are.

Please, try to remember daily – you are so blessed. Never forget what God has done for you.