Celebrating with a little country

I have a terrible time with timelines. Seriously, I do. I think that what happened a year ago actually happened a month or even a week ago, so reflecting on this past year? How do I do that? Was it even a year? Did anything even happen? Did we have Christmas yet? Where am I?

I took a trip down memory lane to try and help me out and I have to say, we really are a one-year old. We are on our feet now – it took a while for us to get our balance and to actually start standing on our own, but we are stumbling our way there. I like to think we have our legs beneath us.

My take away from blogging? It gives me a reason to write. I love writing so much so I am looking into creative writing courses. I suck at spelling and I like to add punctuation where it doesn’t belong??:,’; (because it makes sense and they are fancy!). It has also introduced me to new bloggers from which I draw inspiration. I love reading what other people are blogging about and the blogging community in general.

The biggest takeaway I get is connecting with my sisters. I know we all have our own voices, and that they are loud! Just ask my niece Sophie when there is more than two of us at the dinner table, as she shoves her fingers in her ears because we are…and I quote…”Way too loud!” She is one to talk, but she is right! We are loud and boisterous and I get to be a part of that EVERY week. Even If I don’t get to see them physically, I still get to read their blogs and get a piece of them for that day.

#WVSisterhood #Giveaway !!

#WVSisterhood #Giveaway !!

For my portion of the giveaway, I have decided that I want to give you a little piece of me. But because that is frowned upon, and might gross people out (after all we are trying to gather followers not push them away), I have decided to give away a home decor piece. These are my favorite pieces and I have a total of three in my house (so far, there will be more I am sure of it):

The rustic star! You see them on barns, sides of houses – they are the perfect bit of country!

One of my closest and dearest friends, Kim, runs a small garden and home decor store, Ayr Country Gardens. It is in the heart of our small downtown core, and it is one of my favorite places to visit. Other than the fact that I get a little Kim session while I am in there, they always have something new and exciting to look at. It is pretty dangerous to go in there because you are sure to leave with something EVERY time. It takes real strength to leave with the same amount of money you came in with.

So now my question to you is: what is your favorite piece of decor in your home? Is it family photos? A motivational sign? Maybe it’s a couch where you spend family time. Let me know what it is! Remember, every comment on our blog gets you an entry in the giveaway. Our mom is one of our avid commenters, so come on people! Get a-posting! Can’t wait to get a glimpse of your homes. You never know, if I get lucky enough to come to your house, maybe I’ll keep my eye out for those candlesticks you love so much!

~ Jacqui

10 thoughts on “Celebrating with a little country

  1. My fav decor is absolutely our family photographs! It’s a splurge I will always make…. Professional photos! We are due for more! I also have a rustic “p” for a little last name pride;)

  2. I am a man, which means I had to look up the word “decor”, spend an hour assimilating it, and then look around my house with fresh eyes and ask myself if dust dinos would count as decor. (Wait a second, I don’t like the dust dinos, they bite.)
    We have a number of loon pictures, Eva and I, dotting our living room. We have a deep affinity for the common loon (being common loons ourselves); just looking at loons on the water is calming. I can hear them hooting and warbling…then I hear the wind soughing through pines on the shore, and the swirl of eddies and currents…so relaxing….

  3. My favorite home decor has always been family photos, no home is complete without them. Some become treasures throughout the years as we loose contact with some of the individuals in them or they pass away. My absolute favorite photo is of my father which was taken when he was 18 and had just joined the Portuguese army. Just talking to the picture has brought him back closer to me and helped me through some difficult times. He was amazing.

  4. LOL…. My favorite piece in our home are pictures of my girls. Your grandparents, Me Mere and Pe Pere, (my mom and dad) when the grand kids started to arrive had the walls in one room with poster size black and white baby pictures of all 13 grand kids with current smaller ones in the corners. I cannot wait to continue the tradition (not so big of course). Mike and I have the frames and want to do a wall of fame of both our families combined, the most prized possessions for both of us 🙂 Mom L

  5. My all-time favorite decor piece–that’s easy. It’s a family tree created by Kim and populated by the handprints of my children and grandchildren. It’s a unique work-in-progress. Anyone who has been to my home knows the piece ‘cuz it’s pretty hard to miss.

  6. The Star Wars: Empire Strikes back mug I bought my wife when we first started dating. It was the first thing she had that stayed at my place. Only she is allowed to use it, ensuring that she always had a clean mug for her afternoon teas and morning coffees.

  7. My favourite piece of decor is my photo wall in our sun room. It is filled with candid and formal photos and is a true representation of our family. Plus my father-in-law built the shelves for it 🙂

  8. I’m not much of a decor guy. A shocking statement, to be sure. While it might be said that our house is somewhat lacking in traditional decor, the kids are all for adding their unique brand of flair to any surface they can reach. There is plenty of art (some more abstract than others), and I have never before lived in a house where there were so many stickers…everywhere.
    All that being said, I think my favourite decor is the couches (which Julia found for a bargain price). You can sink into them without being held hostage by them. There is enough room for our family of 5 to relax and watch a show (though sometimes we could use a more even distribution of bodies).

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