I wanna talk! You should wanna talk too!

Our family is no stranger to mental health. Julia tells her truth over and over, and she will continue to tell it. She is talking! I love that she talks!

Today I want to tell you about some other truths – I want to talk.

Let’s talk about a co-worker, no she is more than that, a friend who had a horrible weekend. Why? Because her boyfriend’s best friend is currently watching over his ex-girlfriend, a mother of two in the hospital because she tried to take her life and is now brain dead. It affects us all.

Let’s talk about a sister who has battled PPD three times running. Let’s talk about those who still to this day criticize the actions of mothers who just need help to make it through, whatever help that may be.

Let’s talk about a father who battled depression so deep he locked himself in his room away from his family to try and battle it all by himself. It affects us all.

Let’s talk about over 19 million people affected by anxiety disorders. I personally know five of them.

Let’s talk.

Let’s remove the stigma.

I wanna talk! Today tweet, retweet, blog, Facebook bring attention to mental illness and mental health! Let’s make today more successful than it was last year! Let’s continue to talk about it.

This shouldn’t be a one-day topic, this should be an everyday topic. Today is Bell Let’s Talk day.

For my sister, my friend, and my father – LET’S TALK!!!!!!!!

~ Jacqui

3 thoughts on “I wanna talk! You should wanna talk too!

  1. Sadly so many of us get help, talk to someone, take meds, but the loneliness, we sometimes impose on ourselves, sometimes imposed upon us by life. It is loneliness that causes us to feel this depression so heavily. When you have no resources, you feel you can take advantage of. Lack of drive to get started on a plan to do more, to get out more or to exercise, and you just can’t seem to push yourself to get going. I would love someone to ask me to go out, to visit and give me that jolt of joy that makes life worth living. A hug becomes something you long for, yet is hard to come by. Everyone has their life and challenges, and I long to have that also. Someone special in your life to share with. Just someone at the end of the day to talk with, to hold, to be there. A pet is a great substitute, but not the same. If only we felt included.

    • Dear, letmetelluhowireallyfeel, Let ME tell you how I really feel. I’m sorry you’re lonely and feel unincluded. I’m sorry you feel like there is no one for you. And I’m sorry that this state is dragging you back into depression. The best advice I got from my therapist about the loneliness, the isolation of stay-at-home-motherhood, is to find a village and stick with it. It takes effort, yes, but find others like you, look for others who get your story, and then start forging friendships. It won’t be perfect, but it will be the start. ❤ I hope you find your village and that you know that you were heard. You were listened to. If we could, you would be grabbed in a hug. In a heartbeat. ❤

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