5 ways to take the suck out of life

Life has recently not been so nice…or rather I am finding it more and more difficult in these hard and pressure-ridden times to smile.

So here are my five ways to give you a giggle or make you smile when things suck balls.

From the blog inspirefulness.wordpress.com

From the blog inspirefulness.wordpress.com

1. Laugh.
Laughing manically can help you in several ways. One of which is sending endorphins to your brain, which can make you feel a bit better… or it can scare other people around you, and then their scared faces can give you a chuckle.

2. Do something nice for someone else.
When you do something for other people, it can take your mind off the crap that seems to be raining down on you. When you are there for others, you stop thinking about yourself for a bit. It gives you the space you need so you can actually think about your problems from a new light.

3. Take joy in the little things.
There a ton of good things in your life and when life gets you down, you need to take a step back and count out the awesome things. For example, I just got a really awesome colour of nail polish given to me, or the fact that the days are getting cooler, the sky is the perfect shade of blue, and the leaves are turning the most beautiful colour.

4. Go on stupid road trips with your best friends.
It could be long road trips or little road trips, but if you have your best friend in the passenger seat then anywhere you go is awesome, and everything you do is wonderful.

5. Build a fort of solitude (blanket/pillow).
Not even going to lie. You should do this. Build a fort! Then hang out in said fort. No one can touch you in your fort of solitude! It’s magical that way.

This what I am doing to stay sane and to make sure I keep smiling. Feel free to comment and give me more ideas!

~ Andreah


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