Smiles to a stranger

Today I met a lovely woman.

Joe and I have been very busy getting rid of some scrap metal, and cleaning out some unwanted things from the apartment. One of these things was an old steamer trunk The Mom let me have when I first moved.

This is an old hefty thing, brown and gold, and it held blankets for most of the time that it was with me, and held toys when it was with our mother.

I was sad to see it go. I didn’t know if Value Village would take it, and didn’t really want to take it to the dump.

I knew it had memories, and not just ours, but from probably years past.

Maybe it used to hold treasures from someone’s past?

Maybe it used to hold an old wedding dress?

Maybe someone once packed it full of their most prized possessions in a move away from home?

I was bringing it out to the car and all ready to load it in, when a woman stopped me and told me how lovely it was!

I told her where it was going and that if she really loved it, that it was hers! She was so taken aback that she started thanking me over and over. She told me a bit about herself and her apartment, and how she was sure with a little attention that the trunk would live on to make many more memories!

We started talking more and I gave her my phone number and we made a plan that some time in the near future we would go have a tea or something.

It was such an awesome meeting, that I know I made a new friend.

My friends love that wherever I go, I always meet new people and always make friends, but it is so not hard. I just think of people as friends I haven’t met yet. Of course, I don’t always just randomly start talking to everybody, but when you get that feeling you just know that a smile can make all the difference.


It was lovely to meet you Laurie, and I can’t wait for that tea!

~ Andreah


One thought on “Smiles to a stranger

  1. I am so glad that you gave it to someone that would appreciate it. I purchased it from a man at a yard sale who got it from his mother. His wife was so happy that he would finally get rid of it. He hesitated to sell it. His mother stored baby cloths she was not willing to part with. When she passed on, he used it to store his antique cameras (hid them from his wife lol). He is the man I bought your brownie camera. For me it held the coats your Me Mere had crocheted for Julia and Toni as well as toys for the now grand babies. So pleased that it will have new memories. If only it could talk 🙂

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