What no one told me about living with a boy

I have always wanted a brother – I liked the idea of a protector. I thought “If only one of my sisters was a brother, man what a life that would be!” – until I moved in with Cody and I had to start worrying about things I NEVER had to worry about because I grew up with all ladies females.

Suddenly my world changed…no one prepared me, no one sat me down and told me that things would change.

The Toilet Seat 

Gone are the days of carefree midnight bathroom trips. Now when I wake in the middle of the night due to nature calling, I have to somewhat wake up to make sure that I don’t fall in BECAUSE IT HAS HAPPENED. I have cursed Cody’s name in the wee morning hours as I submerge my bottom half in freezing cold toilet water, and try to roll myself out of the toilet still half asleep. Then to stumble back up to bed, with a half drenched t-shirt which I will have to replace. I have now started to hide an extra T-shirt in our linen closet in the bathroom. But, you know what would be better? If I could remember that the toilet seat might be up, or better yet…if the toilet seat were put back down.


I didn’t grow up watching sports. I didn’t play any sports growing up.  The closest thing that was found on our television set was the Olympics when they were on, or figure skating on Sunday afternoons as my mom folded laundry. Now, I know that my life for 6 weeks will be football, which then overlaps into hockey and then there is short break until football starts back up again. It’s not that don’t enjoy them. Sometimes when the games are good, and it’s not a bunch of nonsense, I will watch and I might even get involved and throw around some terminology, all of which Cody lovingly puts up with, because I honestly know nothing and I am probably giving him more of a laugh than anything else.

Beer…in the shower? 

There are beer bottles on the counter, in the living room, and sometimes in the bedroom, but Cody introduced me to the shower beer. Now this practice I have tried with coffee – it doesn’t work. Wine? Forget it. However, a nice hot shower with a cold beer has helped with the worst of days. I am not a big drinker, however this is one way of ending a horrible day that I have not regretted as of yet. Try it…trust me!

Unexpected Visitors

Being from a small town, on the main road, we get a lot of visitors. Some of them announced…and others not so much. At any moment in time I may have to dart from one room to the next without being seen because I don’t like wearing pants in my own house. No pants are the best pants. With my family and friends, 95% of the time there is a warning!

“Hey, Toni and Julia are coming over at insane o’clock to go running tomorrow, heads up!”

Cody’s warnings are more than likely 2 seconds prior to someone coming into the house, as Bacon is barking and I am trying to find a blanket or towel to wrap around me in order go find suitable visitor bottoms.

Why are there feathers?

Cody, as I have mentioned before, is a hunter, which means that at any given time there is some kind of wild game that I do not recognize in our freezer and during the fowl season, I may stumble upon a bag of feathers. I have learned to not ask questions, but rather to take advantage of the fact that Cody is out of the house, and I can watch every rerun of Friends and Sex and the City I can find.


Growing up with all females may have been intense every 4 weeks…but it also was a blessing. I learned how to cook, bake, clean, when to stay away and when to show up. At the time I was going through it I couldn’t wait to get out… and now that I am out, I miss it more than I could imagine.


~ Jacqui


2 thoughts on “What no one told me about living with a boy

  1. Your dad was extremely considerate when it came to the toilet seat without being asked. I am sure that with one female in his family and four men, your Avo made sure the boys knew it was important to put the seat down.

    Growing up with 4 males and 2 females, your Pe Pere also made sure my three brothers put the seat down. As we only had one bathroom for many years and six people, it was extremely important. So thank you to the grandfathers, even though it was because they did not want their wife cursing the male population in the middle of the night. It would not have been a pretty sight I am sure.

    I have had occasion to fall in, but only ONCE… Now I check all the time now and Michael now completes the task 99.9 % of the time.

    I grew up in a hockey family…. and being the only girl I got used to the sports adrenaline in the home… now I have that again. I can so relate (so can your sisters) “but there is a game on”. So now I enjoy or leave. I now have favorite players again… and like to cheer against Michael to make it interesting and fun.

    Sorry we did not prepare you for the male perspective in the home but it is just an adjustment 🙂

    BTW… love the blog. Mom.

    • #notallboys. Love showers, but hate beer. Would a shower improve the taste of a beer? Doubt it.
      Toilet seat: Gender considerations aside, this one’s easy. Keep the seat *and* the lid down when not in use. (A) looks better; (B) Bacon won’t drink toilet water and give you sloppy kisses immediately after.
      You only need take one look at me to see I don’t hunt. No feathers here!
      Unexpected visitors: around here, the policy is that if you drop in unannounced, you better be prepared to see what you see. I’ll leave the details to your vivid imagination.
      Guilty as charged on the hockey and football, except my football is called baseball…*smile*

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