A moment

It’s a sad day for the family, friends, and fans of Robin Williams, who died of suicide.

Robin Williams

We’re taking a moment to dedicate this space to reminding everyone that mental illness, although seemingly invisible, is a real threat, a heartless liar, and a life ruiner.

If you feel like you are out of options, that you can’t go on, that there is no hope, please reach out to a loved one, your doctor, or by using one of these crisis supports:

US/Canada Crisis Hotline – 1-800-273-TALK 

Canadian Crisis Centres – http://suicideprevention.ca/thinking-about-suicide/find-a-crisis-centre/

Call 9-1-1 – if you have a plan, have supplies, and feel like you are a danger to yourself or others

You are worth so much more than your brain is telling you. You are incredible, valuable, strong, smart, and can beat this. Please don’t give up. Please get help.

~ The Sisterhood

2 thoughts on “A moment

  1. Break the walls down on this taboo subject.
    Talk about it. Talk to your friends and family.
    Reach out to those in need and reach out for yourself.
    All of us are a link in this chain and together we are strong.
    Everyone is beautiful and unique.
    We are all special and have beautiful gifts to share.
    You are worth it.

  2. When that darkness falls on you, you feel that there is no way out… but there is, there is a light, reach for it, whether it is a friend, family member, doctor, crisis help line… there is help! It is worth talking about the struggle. So many of us have experienced it and hide it. Don’t hide, reach out to help yourself and reach out to help others. We are all so worth it!

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