Expect the unexpected

I had a plan for this week’s blog post – a recap of the date night Ben and I had Friday, complete with pictures. And then, Sophie happened. She put our BlackBerry into a bucket of water. On the BlackBerry, all the pictures from our date night…bye, bye pictures…bye, bye blog post.

Prognosis? I hope it'll be okay.

BlackBerry hospital made of rice. Prognosis? I hope it’ll be okay.

Don’t worry. Sophie’s still alive.

I was more distressed by the fact that Lillian had pooped in our backyard. There are few things as disconcerting as watching your three-year old dropping something brown out of her bathing suit bottoms. I asked what she was doing and it didn’t get any better. She answered, “I put the poop on the ground.” Great. What poop? From where? Did you pick it up? Is it yours? GAH.

I should have known not to expect things to go as planned…the day hadn’t gone as planned. We were supposed to go to a family gathering at our Aunt and Uncle’s, but due to the fun weather forecast (rainy and cold) it was postponed until an August date. Because of that, Ben was able to go help a dear friend move and I got to spend all day with CRAZY, phone-ruining, lawn-pooping children.

Ben came home to me losing it with Sophie because she was berating me over dinner. She wanted hamburgers, I couldn’t find the ones she was talking about, it was getting late, I needed her to eat and she was mad that I was making her eat homemade beef stew over mashed potatoes instead of her beloved hamburgers (also homemade). Isaac had been sobbing at my feet while I finished making dinner and Lillian had been running around dragging blankets, balloons, and various plastic (read: SHARP) toys through the kitchen the whole time I was trying to accomplish food prep. I was done. Cooked.

Earlier in the afternoon, the southwestern sisters had made plans to go for dinner together in lieu of seeing each other at Aunt and Uncle’s house. I was SO excited. SO ready to get out of the house, eat dinner I didn’t make, dirty dishes I didn’t have to clean, and not be around tiny tyrants anymore.

I know...I know...I did this to myself. I KNOW.

I know…I know…I did this to myself. I KNOW.

And then…this happened…



I decided I should probably be responsible and NOT abandon my family just for some grown-up time. So I ate the delicious stew and mashed potatoes with my tiny army (and Ben! He came home! He came home!). It was yummy and I was resigned.

But then…the tornado warnings ended. So I called (because no texting for me! The BlackBerry is in RICE, remember?) Toni, and she, Jacqui and I went out for coffee and dessert. We sat on the covered patio of Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe (SO AMAZING), overlooking and overhanging the river, watching the lightening show and listening to the torrential rain (or as Toni called it, her very own WATERFALL!). Decaf coffee, cheesecake and apple fritters, and sister therapy. All in all, a not-too-shabby end to the day.

I know as a parent I’m supposed to be the queen of dealing with the unexpected, of rolling with the punches and putting up with the randomness that goes hand-in-hand with having babies, but some days, maybe even just one day, I would love for the expected to happen…for the plan to go smoothly…for that to be the surprise…not the waterlogged cell phone or the poop on the lawn. Just for one day.

*UPDATE – The BlackBerry LIVES!!! It’s ALIVE!!!! It’s a MIRACLE!!! 😉

~ Julia

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