An adventure for Joe

So, I had an adventure this past weekend.

I didn’t even come up with the adventure, and wasn’t planning on going, but this adventure was for Joe.

Joe’s dream is to be a mechanic. He loves working with anything that has an engine. Loves it, even when he hates it. This past weekend we went to a car show, called the RPM Show.

Joe’s boss had an actual booth at the show, which was awesome, even if it didn’t turn out how we wanted it to, we still got the good name of the shop out there, and still had some amazing moments from the weekend.

Let me explain a little bit about car shows, or rather this car show. It had a swap meet, where you bring parts, tires, or really anything at all and you sell your goods; it had a classic car show, which of course is filled with cars you didn’t even know still existed; and a performance by Count of Count’s Kustoms, and his band, Count’s 77.

One of the biggest draws for people, especially in the area I live, is of course the classic cars. They are so beautiful, and the sounds of the engines revving gets everyone’s blood pumping. It was basically just a weekend of excitement.

Now, I loved being there, for two reasons:

1. Joe really wanted to go, and he really wanted me to come too.
2. Joe’s boss’ car.

Joe’s boss has a custom classic 1969 Camaro. It is BEAUTIFUL. He took this already beautiful machine and made it better. I seriously cannot get over this car. It is an awesome colour…



…the pinstripes going down the side are perfection…

Beautiful Pin-striping!

Beautiful pin striping!

… and the sound of the engine? AMAZING.

Hell, I’m going to show you.


It’s just BEAUTIFUL!

See what I’m talking about?

It was an interesting weekend with some new adventures and experiences, of course there was some not so fun stuff in between, but me and Joe had a blast, and we want to go to another show really soon. After all, I am all about the adventures!

~ Andreah

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