Growing up…finally

Well it has been a hell of a week…

I got laid off and although I still have an income because of employment insurance, it makes it harder.

Lately I have had to forego a lot of the stuff that is extra.  The biggest one for me has been that there are fewer visits with the family.

I miss everyone so much and that makes me miss the moments.  The funny moments, the happy moments, the sad moments – all the moments that I think about at the end of a long day.

I miss my mom’s healing hugs. I miss getting attacked by the younger nieces. I miss the cuddles with my little nephew.  I miss my older nephew being a butt.  I miss my other niece being a sass – and it goes with out saying that I miss my sisters and all the stuff we get up to.

But on the upside, having less has taught me a lot.

I am way better at budgeting monies!  I found ways to stretch the nickles out more and cover the bills and still get the little treats like a cup of Tim’s.

Preach, Jenna

Preach, Jenna

While growing up sucks more the older you get I still am okay with the hard things because these are the lessons.

Lessons that last a lifetime and help you grow into the future.

~ Andreah

*A huge thanks to my mommy who actually wrote this post for me while I read it out to her over the phone.  She is Wonder Woman!


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