Perfecting the art of car dancing

I hate road trips – there I said it! Everyone is all “let’s go on a road trip!” And I am over here by myself smiling and nodding my head along with the plan…when really I want to scream, NOOOOOOOOO!

However, if we must make a voyage, there are some must-haves for a long car ride: comfy clothes, snacks, coffee/water… and tunes – GOOD tunes! When ever we make the trip to visit our dad, I seem to always be the DJ for the car, which is made up of myself, sometimes Cody if he can get the time off work/hunting, Toni and Mike.


I tend to lean towards the 90’s, 00’s or pop/hip-hop genre because they are crowd pleasing and danceable, which is the best way to pass the time. But car dancing isn’t easy – it’s mainly hand gestures and arm movements with some head nods that are completely laughable if you are viewing them from a passing auto. If you too would like to become a pro at car dancing, then there are four main techniques you must master:

The hand pump
Much different from its cousin “the fist pump,” this movement is more car friendly! The fist pump requires unlimited space above ones head, whereas the hand pump is more of an up and down motion, with an open palm facing down. This move can be used for pop, hip-hop and R&B. I would not recommend this for rock and roll, as the biker to your right is currently looking at you as you are pumping up and down to Ozzy’s Crazy Train – you sir are the one who will need to be put on the crazy train if you don’t cut it out!

The hand pump

The hand pump… ignore Toni… she didn’t get the memo…

Two-handed seat shimmy
This is a move that takes some control and can only be mastered by the most seasoned car dancers! It can be used for most genres, but again be mindful of your surroundings! This move uses two hands and hip gyrating. Be sure if you are in the backseat you have at least one seat between you and the other passengers. For your viewing pleasure, an instructional video has been provided.

Head down groove
Step one: Let down your hair!
Step two: Close your eyes.
Step three: Raise your arms and loosen your shoulders.
Step four (the most important): Feeeeel the music!

This move requires confidence, you can’t be afraid of what others think of you! The cars passing you will think that medical attention is required, but do not fret! Just let the notes shower over you as you and the music become one.
No, but seriously, this one is the best for slower EDM and Bryan Adams songs. Shake your head and let your hair wash over your face.

All smiles while car dancing - CONFIDENCE

All smiles while car dancing – CONFIDENCE

For the final move…..

The air banjo
This is not to be confused with the air guitar, which is played at the hip, but rather played up on at the breastal region! The strumming is more aggressive, and faster. This is not a move for drivers, as both hands are required – safety first, smart ass! I find the best genre for this is country. I mean come on…. banjo…country…they kinda go hand in hand! Don’t worry if you missed arm day this week, as the the workout you get from this will be more than enough to tide you over.

There you have it – combine these moves and before you know it that three hour car ride will have come and gone in no time! Just let it hang and groove it along! You will become a pro – now if only I could figure out a way to make money off of it…

~ Jacqui

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