Morning hikes at ridiculous o’clock

Lately I have a bit of an obsession with the morning sky.

First light brings so much promise and beauty – not to mention the peace and calm that comes before the world is awake. We see so many sunsets in our lives, sometimes we forget how beautiful the sunrise can be.  I have become a sunrise junkie.

As with all things that I love, I wanted to share the joy I find in these hours and decided to try to convince a few of the TLT ladies to join me in an insane adventure at stupid o’clock in the morning – 4:30 a.m. in fact.

I didn’t tell them where we were headed. I sent out a cryptic message to meet at my house, ready to depart on an adventure at this silly time and that I promised it would be worth the loss of a few hours of (in most cases) sleep.

I received the expected responses:

“Are you crazy??”

“Have you lost your mind?? 4:30??”

And then slowly, but surely, curiosity got the best of them and three of my brave TLT ladies agreed to come.

Part of me thinks that they really didn’t expect me to come through on these plans because I am far from a morning person – in fact most mornings I get ready without uttering a word until my first coffee has been consumed and I have had time to adjust to the idea that sleep is already over and the dream world hours away again.

That being said the early morning plays to my enjoyment of silence, calm and peace. It’s a compromise I am more and more willing to make the older I get and the more I realize how much enjoyment the wee hours of the morning bring.

As three very sleepy, brave and curious ladies arrived at my house, we piled into our car and headed to the first and most necessary stop on our adventure – Tim Horton’s.

After gathering our order and smiling at the curious glances of the drive-thru worker heavy with “what on earth are these nutty chicks doing up at this ungodly hour” thoughts, Kim, Jacqui, Julia and I continued on our adventure to one of my favourite places to gain perspective and take in the natural beauty we are surrounded by – Websters Falls.

Tews side of Websters Falls, Dundas ON

Tews side of Websters Falls, Dundas ON

As light broke, so did the silence I was anticipating.

Making our way up the dewy trail laden with freshly spun webs, dew worms and of course pesky mosquitoes, I don’t know why I expected anything but our usual fits of laughter, dirty inside jokes and audible shrieks of enjoyment.

We were totally not supposed to be there yet...

We were totally not supposed to be there yet…

Reaching the top, silence returned as each of us took in the view of sleepy little Dundas, Ontario, Spencer’s Gorge and the beautiful sunrise we were able to catch.

Day light breaking over Dundas, Ontario

Daylight breaking over Dundas, Ontario

Our conversations ranged from the moment we were in, to challenges we were each facing in our daily lives, creating new memories together and of course recalling past hilarious events that have ensued during these early morning workouts.

And of course the funniest things get captured on twitter

And of course the funniest things get captured on Twitter

We hung out at the top for an hour or so, basking in the cool morning air, trying to hold onto these moments of joy before each of us became consumed by our usually busy and packed weekends that lay ahead of us.

My sisters <3

My sisters ❤


Classy as always, ladies!

Classy as always, ladies!

We had a ridiculously good time together (as usual) and vowed to take advantage of as many available crazy o’clock Saturday mornings as possible.

Our brave foursome at 6:00 a.m.

Our brave foursome at 6:00 a.m.

With sore abs from laughing, an unusual amount of early morning energy, legs stretched and ready for the day, we sauntered down trail for our drive back into town, pausing at every opportunity to take in the gorgeous views offered by the falls.

Nice bum, where you from?

Nice bum, where you from?



Sisters at heart ❤

Nothing wakes you up quite like a morning session of laughter, cardio and a lot of coffee.

Sunrise selfies!

Sunrise selfies!

A huge part of my self-satisfaction has come from breaking out of my comfort zone, doing things a little differently and a lot less ordinary. The pay offs so far have been huge and I recommend a shake-up in routine to you all.


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