Transformation of the kin kind

I am often puzzled and perplexed by the relationship that others have with their siblings – please note that I said siblings. The proper definition of a sibling is each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common. Siblings are linked by genetics! 

Us - the younger years.

Us, the younger years

I feel for people who do not have a close bond with their “siblings” as I have with mine – I have more than just siblings – I have sisters, confidants, motivators, cheerleaders, mothers (yes, my sisters mother me…all of them!). They are my best friends – the ones that call you out on your shit and take on your battles like they were their own.  The ones who at any time of day or night, you can call and they will answer and stay up with you until you have cried out your frustrations, agreed with all the nonsense you just spewed and stay on the phone until you have fallen asleep, only to follow up with you the next day with ice cream and dirty magazines just to be with you and to hang out.

It hasn’t always been this way though. I haven’t felt this way about my sisters my entire life, and I know they have not felt the same way about me. I was an asshole of a teenager and I took advantage of my sisters ALL THE TIME! So I started to think – when did our relationship change? When did our bond become more than genetic? When did it change from a cordial hug to bum rubs?

No caption required!

No caption required!

We were not always this close. I mean, we were close (we kind of had to be) because we lived out in the middle of nowhere, with not a lot to do other than to create and be each other’s friends…at home that is. I remember having friends over, who would be nice and play with the other siblings during our childhood, and the fights that would ensue were very much “SHE IS MY FRIEND NOT YOURS!”

We would argue, scream, cry. We would say mean, hurtful things to one another in our teenage years. Then one day, I think when we all attempted to grow up, some of us forced (*ahem* me) when we really needed each other, and our world was falling apart, we found the best support system that you could find – each other. The love and connection of sisters. We bonded over heartbreak, and carefully picked up each other’s pieces and put them back together. We made promises to each other to always stay close, and be each other’s best friends.

Best Friends

Best friends

We all know each other from the beginning of our time, we know all the men from our past, and we do not judge…well, maybe not out loud. We have been with each other from diapers to training wheels, from puberty to acne. From uni-brows to the first painful plucking experience. We. Know. It. All.

We all have a difference of opinion, lifestyle, values, but the one thing we all share and respect is each other. I now do not go a day without speaking to one or more of my sisters. I do not go a day without thinking about them. I have hopes for our futures, and our children’s futures to ensure that we all stay together and support one another. I would love to go to every one of my nieces and nephews’ events, just like I would hope my sisters would do for my hypothetical children.

In the last few years I have had the pleasure of meeting two families. The first is my amazing co-worker who is a mother of four beautiful girls. Every time she talks about her girls, there is nothing but love… and maybe a little concern with the arguments that they have. I tell her that it will get better, it will get SO MUCH BETTER. It brings a smile to my face, and a glow to my heart, because it will…they will grow with each other, and will learn that the bond of sisters is everything, and when you have nothing left, they will be there to pick up each other.

The second family was introduced to me when my friend Jeff came into my life, and I met his amazing, hard working mother. A couple of years later I met his aunts at a party and I fell in love! These women attracted you with their energy and love for each other, I couldn’t get enough!  They are four sisters who are just awe inspiring and I absolutely adore them. They give me hope for the future. Their children are close, and they are close…oh my, how they are close.

I would not be who I am today without my sisters. May be a little cheesy, but it is all true. I love you ladies, and I can’t wait for the next 50 years.

~ Jacqui

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