Adventure within an adventure

So last summer I did something slightly stupid. I went to Prince Edward Island (PEI) for a weekend. Me and one of my bestest friends in the world, Elena, drove to PEI late one Thursday night only to turn around and come back late one Sunday night after some adventures.

Now, it takes roughly 18 hours for you to drive from Ontario through the crazy province of Quebec, winding your way through the wild roads of New Brunswick, where we picked up two more friends, and finally, after a stop for a shower, over the biggest bridge in the universe to PEI.

Many crazy and wonderful adventures happened within this adventure, but I want to tell you about this one part of said adventures.

So on our way back we decided to stop at the quaint city of Charlottetown. Elena, who is just as strange as me, decided to go wandering. She had disappeared for about 30 minutes while I was walking around in a fountain outside  city hall. I was just splashing at our two friends, when she walked up and told us she had wandered into this church and wanted us to come see it because the pastor (preacher, father, etc.) was really awesome.

We went inside this beautiful and historic church and got the run down on it from the guy (his name now escapes me). Apparently this is the site where amazing Juno award-winners, musicians and singers alike have performed, especially at the local blues festival (which was two weeks later and we were angered we couldn’t make it). I love to sing, and after some prompting from the wonderful Elena, I started to sing Caro Mio Ben.

I was stopped by the pastor guy (I really wish I would remember his name!) who told me I had to stand on the stage where the past award-winning singers have sung because the acoustics were better. So I sang, and it was the most uplifting, wonderful moment of my life, especially when I was told by the pastor guy that I had a great voice and amazing presence, better than some of the other stars he has seen preform there. The feeling that came over me when I started singing and my friends’, who had never heard me sing before, jaws dropped was unlike any other.

They were amazed I had it in me, and wanted to hear more. The sound was unlike any other. A beautiful. resonating tune that came out of me and into the ears of my friends and my own didn’t sound familiar to me, the notes sounded more beautiful, and more passionate.

The floor that I was standing on, was designed by a famous violin-maker, and had strings running under the floor to make the sounds expand over the room and contract back to the singer, so no amplifier is ever needed. I loved all the adventures from that weekend, but that one was my favourite.

That, and the fact that after I had finished singing Elena got up and we sang a duet. We usually sing in the middle of stores, so it was nice to be able to share a stage for once.

I hoped you enjoyed my reminiscing and I hope you do something out of your comfort zone today!

~ Andreah


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