Here’s the short of it

Dear Readers,

I am going to share something with you, our lovely followers, that not a lot of you know, and I hope that most of you will continue to follow us and read us after I share it with you…because it’s a big one! A doozy. It’s HUGE!

I am short! Legally, by definition, I am short. The average height of women in Canada is 5’3.4″ and since I am below average, I am short. In my family I am not the only one – Julia and I share our special bond by being lower on the totem pole, if you will. Who is taller you may ask? Well, due to a pact I made some years ago, Julia is much taller than myself.

Please do not cry for me, do not fret, for I am a survivor and I can survive this. Let me tell you why I can survive this – it’s because I do not care!

For example, my nephew Joey, God love him, enjoys pointing out my vertical deficiency every time I see him, always reminding me that he is still growing and I am not, and one day he will be as tall or taller than me. Thanks buddy. If it wasn’t for you, then I would be lost in a sea of lies, still holding onto a glimmer of hope that some day, when I grow up, I will be taller.

For those of you who share my “less than average” stature, let me tell you how I managed to cope (we can do this together!).

I started to look at the world in a better light when I thought of all the things that were to my advantage by being petite.

Bath tubs – How many tall people can enjoy a bath with all their limbs settled below the water in a COMFORTABLE manner? Not a whole lot. No matter where I live, or go, I can sleep a little better knowing that if a bath tub is available, then a bath is always possible! Tell me my long-legged friends – is this possible for you?

Heels – Whenever Cody and I go anywhere, date nights, weddings, parties, what EVER it may be, I will always have the option to wear the most ridiculous heels in the world if I want to. Because I am short, I will never be taller than my love, and he will never feel shorter than me!

Clearance – Although I have not been on a plane in my lifetime, the one common complaint that I know of is the lack of leg room. Since I am of the below-average type, I will never have this issue. I will forever be able stretch my gams. Oh the luxury! Also in the same category of clearance, I have never had to slouch to be in a room – there’s no hunch back here!

Forever young – There are no special creams, regimes, pills, or tricks up my sleeve for my youthful appearance, oh no! At least not for now. At my ripe young age of 24, I am constantly asked to verify my age when I purchase beverages of the adult kind, or even when I buy tickets to an 18A movie. As much as I would love to blame it on my youthful good looks, I will have to give credit it to my child-like height.

Although it may seem that my list is quite…short, I assure you that I am completely aware of my “limitation” and do not find it something to be ashamed of – I am short and I am proud of it!

So please friends, next time you find yourself beside someone of the petite stature, and that incredible urge starts to bubble up from within, try your hardest to refrain from advising me of my situation, please keep in mind that I am more than aware, and I am loving every inch of it!


~ Jacqui

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