Long-distance sistering

The first thing you need to hear is that long-distance sistering is NOT easy. What I have learned, since moving about 2  1/2 hours away from my family and friends, is that this is one of the hardest things I have ever decided to do. I do my best to come to every family event, and friend stuff as much as possible, but since gas is not a magical, everlasting liquid it’s hard, and I miss out on the random sister get-together stuff that happens throughout the week.

I try to make it through by just thinking about them on a regular basis. Sort of like a WWJD, but more along the lines of WWTSD (what would the sisters do)?

I have a necklace with a picture in it, and it is of all of us when we were little. I think it is our very first of many sister portraits.

I remember the very day I started wearing it on my normal chain with my antique key from Joe, and a claddagh that I bought with friends. Joe and I had just packed up all our stuff in his mom’s truck, and ours, and made the long trek to our new home. After we got there and moved everything into the attic, we were sitting on the tailgate of our truck, all our friends helping us move had just driven away, and I promptly burst into tears.

When I burst into tears, Joe gets this adorable concerned look on his face, puts his arm around me, and because he knows I can’t actually speak human words when I get like this, he started guessing why I was upset.

“Is it about moving?”

*shakes head*

“Okay, is it about missing people already?”

*nods head*

“One person?”

*shakes head*

“I think I can guess. Your mom, and your sisters?”

*increase of blubbering if that is at all possible*

And you know what? He called it. He said, “The first thing you are going to do is double-check with me that it’s still okay with me that we moved, and the second is you are going to start crying because you are missing your family and friends.”

When we got upstairs I grabbed the charm from the box that had my nightstand stuff in it, and put it on the chain. I did this so I remember where I have come from, and remember that my sisters are always there. When I was younger that sounded like a threat, but I am 99.9% sure it is not. But it’s true. They are always there.

But that’s how I stay connected on a daily basis with them, so that every where I go and what ever I do during the day, they are a part of it in at least the little ways. What I am working on now is reaching out to get them to be a part of my regular life actively, not just in my head.

I’m thinking weekly Skype dates or something as soon as I have the internet at our new apartment.

It is incredibly hard to be so far away, but I like thinking of it as my new adventure. A crazy insane adventure that could be the biggest mistake, or the best decision…I’ll let you know when I find out which it is.



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