Hunter’s wife, hunter’s life

My fiancé is a real outdoors man.

Not the kind you see on the Discovery Channel, who go completely rogue and only eat off the land – he loves my cooking too much to even think about that, and to be honest he would probably starve to death.

No – he is a hunter/fisherman and takes it pretty seriously! He is mainly a duck and fowl guy – I only say this because these are the only animals he has brought back to the cave for his woman! But he does hunt deer as well.


He prepares weeks and months in advance for each trip, getting the proper tags and talking to his hunting group about times, locations, departures, arrivals, where they are going to sit, etc.

Now, he is not as dedicated as he could be, and I am absolutely thankful for that, otherwise I’d spend more time alone than I already do.

This weekend is the annual ice fishing trip with him, his Uncle Pierre, his cousin and some of their closest fishing friends. For the first couple of years of this trip, I would watch as he packed up, and I would get pretty upset that he was leaving for a whole weekend. Come on! We are young and in love and still in that ooey gooey stage of wanting to spend as much time together as possible!

I remember specifically being at Uncle Pierre and Auntie April’s house as they packed up and was in absolute awe of what a vet Auntie April was. She knew all the answers to Uncle Pierre’s questions, like where his gloves were, when they were leaving, and all done with poise and a glass of wine in her hand! AGHHH I love her!

With this being their fourth trip, I feel like I am coming into my own. I have the laundry almost done for him to take, and the most important: I planned a whole weekend of events for me to keep busy while he is gone! It’s Toni’s birthday TODAY *Happpppyyy Birttthhdddaaay*, so this weekend means going out of town to visit our dad, and later out to a restaurant with some of her closest friends!

Ahhhh I am a hunter’s wife, as the hunter’s life’s for me… I can do this…right?

~ Jacqui

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