Measuring up

I am a blogging-virgin.

Wait, I should clarify. I have blogged before, but always under the veil of a company’s name – I have never blogged personally and so nakedly before. To make it worse, I am a nervous blogging-virgin. Not a good combo.

When my sisters and I discussed creating this blog, I was incredibly excited, but I also had a feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It got worse when we settled on the name, a theme, our social media outlets, and then took a picture to mark the occasion. I REALLY started to get nervous when it came time to write our bios.

As with all challenges I come up against, I began to ask myself “why?” – why am I so nervous? I came up with some pretty good reasoning, but this time it all boiled down to one root cause: I have to work with my sisters.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I adore my sisters. They amaze me. And that is why I am such a nervous virgin-blogger.

Being a part of a sisterhood is…challenging, interesting and rewarding. The lessons you learn are invaluable, the friendships you are blessed with irreplaceable and the circle of women you sit in awe of become your inspiration.

I may be a teensy bit biased; however my sisters are the best of the best.

Take my older sister Julia – unyielding strength and champion of PPMD/PPD (twice!), an amazing mother to three of my life’s greatest blessings, an incredible (I really do mean INCREDIBLE-make-you-feel-something-in-your-bones) writer, crafty, imaginative and creative.

Or my younger sister Jacqui – champion of challenges, strong enough to kick epilepsy in the ass, funniest person I know (seriously – she always has something FREAKING HILARIOUS to say) and one of the biggest hearts I have ever met. Not to mention, incredibly quick-witted.

Or my baby sister Andreah – not scared of taking leaps of faith in life or not giving a rat’s ass what other people think, the inspiring spirit of an entrepreneur and a creative photographer with a passion for dancing to her own drum.

How will I ever measure up to these incredible women?

And then Julia sends me this:

And like all good sisterhoods, mine reminds me exactly how I do. In my own way, with my own flare and my own fire.

~ Toni

8 thoughts on “Measuring up

  1. Lol Julia!
    Oh Toni, your description of sisterhood and how amazing your sisters are brought a tear to my eye. Stupid hormones. You guys are such a strong group of women and complete each other perfectly. I can only dream to have what you guys have, but alas stupid brothers. Don’t forget how wonderful and passionate you are. You are such a loyal friend and are there for any one, any time. You are amazing.

    • You really are just like another sister though, you’re kind of stuck with us :p
      You’re the sweetest Kim ❤ it makes me very grateful that you think so kindly of me 🙂 I'm kind of beaming! Haha

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